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From our perspective, the purpose of Financial Planning is to help clients avoid threats, fulfill obligations, and exploit opportunities.
Ideally, all strategies should address at least one of these factors - while the most efficient strategies will have the potential to impact all three.

In our experience very few products can achieve this aim alone.  Therefore, we believe that “systems outweigh specifics” and seek to work on a given client situation conceptually first.  Only after we have become satisfied that a given strategy prevails in all foreseeable circumstances do we consider the potential products and services available for implementing it.

Although simply product based solutions may be quicker or easier to present and implement, we have found that taking the time to consider the underlying concepts, and the potential pitfalls that may be encountered along the way, helps us provide our clients with more successful outcomes and confidence.

Charitable Giving: Smart from the Heart

Charitable Giving: Smart from the Heart

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Throughout this website, as you might expect, there is a lot of material on Retirement and Retirement Income, however, there is also quite a bit about Life Insurance - which you might not have expected.

Why the focus on Life Insurance?

Although not every potential client will need or want Life Insurance, in over 20 years of experience we have found that most retirement scenarios are strengthened or improved by the presence of life insurance as part of the strategy.  

In other words, the amount and reliability of retirement cash flow, and the flexibility available to generate it under more potentially diverse and variable situations, is positively and directly improved by the presence of life insurance in the retirement portfolio - which significantly increases client satisfaction and confidence. 

Knowing this and knowing that most of the information available on life insurance is either incorrect, incomplete, or negatively biased, and rarely if ever presented in the retirement context, compels us to share the information you will find on the site.  Please consider the information with an open mind, and feel free to ask questions. 

This all said, many of our clients do not have life insurance as part of their retirement plan, and there are no obligations around it, as all planning is specific to the facts and circumstances of the given situation.